Seth Rogen Brings Food To Life In Sausage Party Prank

sausage party prank

To promote the new animated comedy “Sausage Party” which he wrote and stars in, Seth Rogen shocks super market customers when the groceries they’re shopping for come to life.

Just like in the movie, the food is alive and talking in this Seth Rogen and Sony Pictures engineered prank. Hiding in an NYC grocery store, Seth sets up unknowing customers to show the theme of the new animated feature that “food has feelings”. Unfortunately for the food, those feelings include how good humans feel when eating it. Armed with cameras, remote controls and animatronic food items, Seth hopes to guilt people into not eating the “alive” food that also helps keep the people buying it alive.

If Seth Rogen wanted to conjure up some sympathy for the groceries, he picked the wrong town to do it in, New York City. It’s a dog eat dog town. Or better yet, a people eat food town. The talking food heckles and guilts the customers, but can they persuade New Yorkers to give up food altogether? Fat chance. (In some cases, literally). The food stares down a variety of Gotham citizens, from the elderly to the young to the hipsters.

The grocery shoppers face off against verbal attacks from a cantaloupe, a large sausage and a loaf of bread. It’s been said that bread is the staff of life, but how will someone react when it actually comes to life? Watch the Seth Rogen Sausage Party prank below to find out.

Sausage Party, the only rated R cartoon to feature talking food starring Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, James Franco, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, Edward Norton and Nick Kroll as Douche, is in theaters everywhere now and in cities wherever food is sold.


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