Roseanne Spinoff Looks Like It Will Go Forward Now That Roseanne Agreed to Step Aside

Although no formal agreements are in place yet, The Hollywood Reporter  says sources are  saying that the Barr has agreed in principle (for now) to give up her rights to profit from a  spinoff show based on the characters she created.   But just because Barr wouldn’t be a part of any profits generated by the sitcom, that doesn’t mean she won’t make any money off the new show.  THR’s source said negotiations are taking place to determine a fee that Barr would receive in exchange for relinquishing her rights.

The spinoff would revolve around Sara Gilbert’s character, and she’s obviously on board.

and Laurie Metcalf have also said they would stay on for the Roseanne-Without-Roseanne spinoff, although that’s still strictly informal as well.

Those waiting anxiously for the return of the Roseanne-based characters shouldn’t get their hopes up too high. Barr could change her mind, and fans could turn on the idea of the spinoff if Barr would receive a payout in order for the series to move forward.

The Roseanne revival was swiftly canceled after the public erupted in outrage after Barr posted a racist tweet last month.

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