‘Roast Battle’ Return to Feature Kurt Metzger, Todd Barry, Evan Williams, Zac Amico and More

It’s January, which means it’s almost time for the return of Presents: Roast Battle! Season Two, which is going by the name Roast Battle II: War of the Words.  The finals are set to debut on Comedy Central on January 26th. The final round of 16 contestants were chosen after a series of battles that took place in New York, Los Angeles, Denver and Atlanta, and those left standing are a bunch of absolute killers.

Here are the final contestants:

, , , , , , , , , , Leah Kayajanian, , , , and .

Some favorites include Evan Williams and Scott Chaplain who recently had one of the best battles in New York City’s RoastMasters show history, and Zac Amico who recently took the NYC title.

, , , , , , , and Snoop Dogg will serve as celebrity judges

Tickets to all four nights of the event are free to those who act fast and can be acquired here. Night one, which is currently sold out, will take place on January 20th and will feature Metzger, Saunders, Light, Williams, Dosch, Kayajanian, Valenzuela and Castillo. Night two will be Sunday, January 22nd and will feature Barry, Broussard, Kirson, Carey, Grace, Chaplain, Hooper and Amico.

Nights three and four will, obviously, consist of the winners of the previous two nights. As of this writing, tickets for nights two, three and four are still available, so jump on them while you can!

Last year, New York’s own Mike Lawrence took the title of the inaugural Roast Battle champion, and we here at the IBang can’t wait to see who will step up next to fill those shoes.

First Round Match Ups!!!

Kurt Metzger vs Yamaneika Saunders
Todd Barry vs Jessica Kirson
Matthew Broussard vs Zac Amico
Joe Dosch vs Leah Kayajanian
Evan Williams vs Anna Valenzuela
Jay Light vs Frank Castillo
Keith Carey vs Olivia Grace
Scott Chaplain vs Alex Hooper

The bracket-style insult-comedy tournament will be filmed in Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip, airing January 26-29 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central. The January 29 finale airs LIVE. Jeselnik and Snoop Dogg will appear on the January 26 episode; Cummings and Jeong, January 27; Mayer and Silverman, January 28; and Miller, Oswalt, and Sudeikis live on January 29.

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