Pete Davidson Bails on Stress Factory Gig, Blaming Owner Vinnie Brand

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Last night Pete Davidson was booked to perform at Vinnie Brand’s newest club location- The Stress Factory in Bridgeport, CT but bailed on the gig last minute claiming that the club owner “disrespected him.” Davidson said in an angry Instagram video “I can’t perform under those circumstances” after Brand mentioned Pete’s exes during his introduction.

TMZ talked to club patrons and learned that Brand only mentioned Pete’s famous ex-girlfriends Kate Beckinsale and Ariana Grande while setting down some ground rules, including that anyone who heckled about either ex would be immediately removed from the club. It was at a Stress Factory gig that Pete was heckled about Mac Millers death just a few months ago.

Since Vinnie Brand couldn’t bring Pete himself on stage, he instead played Davidson’s video saying he can’t perform under those conditions, and saying he would perform for the crowd for free somewhere else this week. The crowd yelled fuck you Pete as Brand made it clear he would never disrespect any comedian under any circumstances. “Pete Davidson, I didn’t respect you,” Brand says on stage. “Your security guy told me to say what I said. And if you’ve got a bad security guy, you should fire your goddamn security guy.” He said “you’re shitting on everybody here Pete,” and mentioned that when Pete was a young comic hanging out at the New Brunswick location of the Stress Factory, Vinnie always took care of him. Watch the video below.

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