Nick DiPaolo Fired From SiriusXM

Nick DiPaolo confirmed on Tuesday that he was fired from SiriusXM over what he called “a poorly worded tweet.” DiPaolo was the host of the Nick DiPaolo show which aired Monday through Thursday on SiriusXM’s Faction Talk channel from 8pm to 10pm. Fans began to speculate that Nick had been fired when DiPaolo’s Monday night show didn’t air, and was replaced with a replay of Craig Ferguson’s daily talk show. A look through SiriusXM’s websites had proved inconclusive, as they had removed Nick’s name from some places but not others.

SiriusXM has seemed to have a low tolerance policy lately for offensive statements, social media posts or comments, particularly those that take place off air. In the past few years, they’ve parted ways with both Anthony Cumia, and Greg ‘Opie’ Hughes, and although a ban on building appearances by Anthony Cumia had been lifted– recently there has been speculation that Cumia may have been re-banned from appearing on other people’s SiriusXM shows.

You can’t hear Nick on SiriusXM anymore, but you can see him on tour. Go to for dates on the Nick is Right tour.

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