Mike Tyson Loved Tom Segura’s Story About Meeting Mike Tyson

tyson segura

’s story about meeting Mike Tyson is Mike Tyson approved!

Earlier this week Tom Segura killed on Conan when he shared his story about meeting the Champ on a plane. Either its one of the greatest stories we’ve ever heard, or Segura is just the greatest storyteller.  We first heard it when Segura called into SiriusXM’s Show, and then laughed again when Segura used it to close his new Netflix special “Mostly Stories.”

Late Friday night Mike Tyson linked to our story about Segura’s appearance, and wrote “Tom Segura on talks about me. I think it’s very funny.” So now anyone who doubted Segura’s story has learned a very important lesson about trusting very funny people, and we can all feel that Segura can walk around without fear of Tyson reprisals, but most importantly of all, we’ve learned that Mike Tyson checks out The Interrobang.


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Tom Segura on Conan talks about me. I think it’s very funny.

Posted by Mike Tyson on Friday, February 5, 2016

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