Mike Birbiglia Tested Out Babies and Movies at Kimmel’s House

mike birbiglia

Tuesday night he stopped by to talk about it with Jimmy Kimmel and remembered the time he went to Jimmy’s house to bounce the idea for the movie around.  That wasn’t the only thing he was testing out at Kimmel’s house that day.  He was also there to visit with Jimmy’s daughter to give a little parenting test drive and see what it was like to have a baby.  They had good vibes all around- Jimmy loved the movie idea, and Mike loved that Kimmel had this ‘person’ who would swoop in and do the heavy lifting with the baby (it was a baby nurse), and there was also a really amazing roast beef sandwich being discussed.

Now Mike has a movie ready to hit theaters, and he’s got a baby of his own, but no ‘person’ running in when the baby cries, and no roast beef sandwich.

Birbiglia explained the movie as being about a group of best friends in an improv group, and one of them gets cast in a big SNL-esque show. “It’s sort of a big chill type movie set in the world of improv.”  Keegan Michael Key, Chris Gethard, Gillian Jacobs, Tami Sagher, Kate Micucci are just a few of the stars in the movie, and Mike is really proud of it.  Improv, he says, is a good metaphor for making the movie, and life in general–its something that has never happened before and will never happen again.

Before the movie opens nationwide, Mike’s getting a big ole bus and taking a group of hitting up 30 cities in America giving improv workshops and screening the movie (you can read more about the tour here).

Don’t Think Twice opens officially July 22nd.


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