Make Sure Vancouver Comic Kevin Banner is On Your Comedy Radar


Kevin Banner is a comic out of Vancouver. In my opinion, he’s ready to break out anytime soon. He’s a knock around kinda guy from a small town. He’s got a dark sense of humor with a self-deprecating style. He’s opened for the likes of Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope and Norm Macdonald. The time he opened for Norm Macdonald, he was only given 30 minutes notice before the show. He immediately dropped his pizza and turned off Netflix and ran to do that show, because that’s when the magic happens. Overall, he is a storyteller who knows how to drop in those gems that leave you in stitches. 604 Records just signed him and produced his new special “Dreamboat”. Yeah, that’s right 604 Records. Chad Kroeger’s label is expanding into the comedy market. Specifically, the Canadian comedy market, but wait, I thought Chad Kroeger was that super overexposed musician? Turn’s out he’s the kinda guy when comedians ask the crowd to support local comedy, he antes the fuck up. Plus, Animals is a sick song, I can’t argue against that. They released a bunch of promo videos specifically busting their own balls about being on Chad Kroeger’s label. Pretty cool move on their part.

Back to Kevin’s new special “Dreamboat” which is out now. Like I said he’s got stories and they are good. Without giving too much away, I’ll try to give you a taste of what to expect. He’s a big guy and that gets him into awkward situations that he tends to completely own. (Not all the time) As a kid, he admits to being a bully. He learned swear words young and then taught them to everyone he knew. It definitely landed him in a pickle. As he got older, he started to work with kids as a supervisor and janitor. He also discovered that concussion orgasms are awesome. He invented the McRace, believe me it’s dirty, as all McDonald’s related things are. Rough break ups are par for the course for nearly everyone, but Kevin’s story might just take the cake. Since then, he’s discovered how hard it is to date in Vancouver. Dating a racist briefly pops up as well as a ghostwalk date. Anyone who gets a lifetime ban from a knife store is the kinda guy I want to be friends with, and Kevin is precisely that guy. Not to mention, he’s been kicked out of a few Big ‘N Talls. At the end of the day, he gets mistaken for an IT guy a lot, but he has a smoking hot girlfriend now and of course, his buddies bust his balls about it.

I personally saw Kevin Banner at the Top Comic Competition at JFL42. The guy does not disappoint. He and a few other comics gave me the feeling like they really had what it takes to get to the next level. Overall, watch out for another potential influx of Canadian comics. Talented comics like Kevin Banner are getting serious backing and it’s about damn time.

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