Louis CK Reveals The One Comic He Can Try Out Material With on the Tonight Show

Louis CK returned to the Tonight Show on Thursday night and continued his dedication to dressing like a grown up. Louis was wearing a suit and tie as he promoted his new Netflix comedy special, 2017, being launched this Tuesday, April 4th. Commenting on his own wardrobe, he compared it to a time when people used to dress up for an airline trip. That was a time when you could have a cigarette on a plane and “blow smoke in a baby’s face” according to Louis.

Louis’ new special, 2017, will be his 7th one-hour comedy special. He admitted that over the years, “That’s a lot of jokes, but it’s my only job.” He explained to host Jimmy Fallon that’s why every couple of years, he’s “the worst comedian in the world” because he has to rebuild his material after he retires all his jokes after a filming a special. The fact that he has to work out new material in front of a live audience, makes it all the more difficult.

Discussing his joke writing process, Louis CK says trying out new punchlines on his comedian friends is rough because as he said, “It’s like I asked to practice kissing on his mouth.” But there is only one other comedian that he can ask to try out new material with, but that’s because this particular comedian friend is stupid. At that point in the interview, every comedian who considers him or herself a friend of Louis CK’s must have cringed in horror. The stupid comedian friend turned out to be Todd Glass. Louis did contribute the “stupid” comment to Todd Glass smoking a lot of pot as the reason why he’s “super-dumb”. And he did give an example of how dumb Todd Glass can be when Louis is working out material with him, which is in the clips below.

Also during their conversation, Louis talked about how naps are his favorite thing in the world and you can watch to see why Louis thinks they’re better than sex. And not to bash, Jimmy Fallon’s interview skills, but this is where Louis calls Jimmy’s questions both “dumb” and “stupid”. Louis also discusses a boating mishap that has emotionally scarred both himself and his daughter. Plus, he talks about the new animated series he’s working on with Albert Brooks called “The Cops“.

Louis CK: 2017 will be available for streaming on Tuesday, April 4th and only on Netflix.

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