Louis CK to Produce Barry Crimmins Hour Special in June


Brilliant satirist, writer, comedian and advocate Barry Crimmins has announced that he will film a new hour comedy special in June. The special is being produced by Louis C.K.’s Pig Newton production company, and will be filmed at the Lawrence Art Center, in Lawrence, Kansas.

Crimmins was the subject of the critically acclaimed and compelling documentary film “Call Me Lucky” which was directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. “Call Me Lucky” documented Crimmins fascinating life which includes stories from his comedy career as well as telling the horrific story of the sexual abuse he suffered as a young boy, and the crusade against child pornography that Crimmins took on in the 1990’s to fight predators. Crimmins is largely responsible for a slew of great comics (including Bobcat Goldthwait, Steven Wright, and Louis C.K.) who came out of Boston after Barry helped create a vibrant and legendary comedy community. He founded the Ding Ho Comedy Club, where he fostered respect for comics, and inspired originality in those who he welcomed on to his stage.  He’s also a tremendous comic in his own right, and an important human rights activist.In an interview with The Interrobang last August, Bobcat described the first time he saw Crimmins perform.

“… I remember the first time I saw Barry and the reaction. He’s on stage cause he would write a new act every week cause it was the same crowd, and it would be stuff from the pages of the newspaper.  So he’s writing his act, smoking, and in my mind there’s smoke coming out of his ears even, there’s all this smoke all around him and he looks up, and he’s like ucccchhh fucking kiddie corp. And he put us on stage anyway…”

Crimmins comedy is unapologetic, unpredictable, undeniable and powerfully funny.

The special will be filmed in Lawrence, Kansas, on June 4th. Tickets are available on their website. If you are unable to make it to Lawrence, Kansas in June, but are in the New York area this week, don’t miss out on the opportunity to see Barry during his “Week at the Creek” where he’ll be performing Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, getting ready for the special. Go to creekllc.com for tickets and information.

The rest of the country will just have to wait for Pig Newton to release the hour special. It will most certainly be worth the wait.

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