Louis C.K. Does Surprise Show at Small London Comedy Club


If you’re a comedy club owner, there are few things better for business than the drop-in, when the stage of your humble establishment is graced by an impromptu show from some big-name comic who decided to just show up unannounced. That’s exactly the experience that Angel Comedy co-owner Dec Munro had this past weekend, when none other than Louis C.K. came strolling in through his doors.

According to Islington, London local paper the Islington Gazette, C.K. apparently approached the bar at the comedy pub called The and asked if he could perform a set. “It was 9:30 p.m. on Sunday and he came to the with no agents or anything,” said Munro of the surprise pop-in. “He walked through and said: ‘Hi, I’m a comedian is there any chance of doing a set?’”

The first bartender didn’t recognize him, but the second one surely did. While there weren’t any shows going on at The Bill Murray that night, there was a place for C.K. at Angel Comedy’s sister-club, The Camden Head. Luckily for C.K. and the folks at Angel Comedy, the crowdfunded comedy project actually envelopes two comedy clubs that are just down the block from one another and the staff there was more than willing to make sure that C.K. got on at one of their venues.

And so a bunch of Londoners got to see Louis C.K. on accident at a free comedy show in a small, intimate pub, and we’re all allowed to be jealous about that. You can check out the full article here.

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Bill Tressler

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