Lewis Black Examines the First 10 Days of Trump on the Late Show

“I did a lot of hallucinogens when I was younger in order to prepare me for any eventual reality and I never saw this one coming.”

 – Lewis Black on Donald J. Trump being the leader of the free world.

Stephen Colbert has known Lewis Black for 20 years, going back to their Daily Show days and on Monday’s Late Show, Colbert wanted to gauge Lewis Black’s trademark anger at the new guy in the White House, Donald Trump. Black had one request before he commented on Trump. That was to have his face pixelated and his voice disguised in post because he didn’t want the wrath of the President on him, or as Black put it, “I don’t want that big baby yelling at me.”

In grading the new Trump White House, Lewis Black did say the new administration had a lot of energy. In fact, he couldn’t imagine the energy it took to turn all the President’s “bullshit (bleeped on Colbert), and insanity and meanness” into something appealing to his base. Black’s appearance on the Late Show was all about Trump as you can imagine and watch in the clip below. He also ranted on the ridiculousness of the voter fraud charges coming out of the White House and President Trump’s relationship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The Late Show audience was encouraging Lewis Black to run for public office and it turns out that he already has some prior experience in government. Prom government that is. Lewis Black will explain below.

If his fans can’t see Lewis Black run for office, they can see him in his upcoming animated comedy, Rock Dog, which opens in theaters nationwide February 24th co-starring the voices of Luke Wilson, Eddie Izzard, Kenan Thompson and J.K. Simmons.

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