Letterkenny: The Show U.S. Comedy Fans Aren’t Getting To See is One of the Best Comedy Series on TV Right Now

The next great Canadian show has a small beginning. I do mean small, like #small. The show started from a Twitter hashtag that is #LetterkennyProblems. You should check it out for a good laugh about small town problems with an authentic vulgar Canadian vibe. It later grew into a YouTube series made by Jared Keeso, the star and co-director of the show. Jared Keeso’s performance is so authentic because he is from small town Ontario. His personal connection shines through in the best way possible. As specific as the accent is, there is something super-relatable about the entire show. I think it’s small-town life and the by-product of people having too much time to think to themselves. That quality makes Letterkenny seem like small town anywhere. Plus, throwing in a bunch of lovable, but ball-busty characters really puts the cherry on top.

The truth is this is the most vulgar Canadian show that has come out since Trailer Park Boys, but it has more teeth. There’s usually one fight an episode. If not, they are constantly taking the living piss out of each other with hysterical one-liners or super embarrassing stories packed with poor grammar. That being said, they all still care about each other, but it’s really hard for them to show it because that’s how they roll. Mostly, Wayne (played by Keeso) tends to his farm, but after a recent break-up, he finds himself in the mood to reclaim the title of toughest guy in town. Having a cousin myself who currently holds that title in my hometown, I can tell you that tough guys take that shit very seriously. Word travels fast in a small town and your reputation is always on the line. Wayne and his buddies are on a mission to make everything right again.

His buddies, played by K. Trevor Wilson and Nathan Dales, are a great compliment to the show and together with Wayne’s sister, they make up the farmers. This show nails all the groups in small town Ontario. You got your hockey players, the skids, the Christians, the nearby Natives and the farmers. Together this ecosystem is delicate and in constant need of fixing. Wayne is the guy everyone relies on to get things done. But mostly Wayne and his buddies try to figure out what I call “the small-town circle of life”; how to best get with a girl and who to fight next.

This show does a great job of making fun of everybody and can really pinpoint certain stereotypes. The gay Christian pastor hit home for me and had me rolling every time he came up, (Fun Fact: he is the other co-director). The other thing that got me was The Native Flu episode which explained sooo much to me. Being Native myself, I always wondered why, when we played the white boys, it seemed like they always had a light bench? Thanks to Letterkenny my childhood now makes sense. I really do love the way every group interacts with each other. As tough as everyone is, this show does a great job of showing their soft sides as well.

This is the best show in Canada right now, but you don’t have to be from Canada to understand and love this it. Buckle up! Because it’s facking funny, eh!

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