Official Bill Cosby Meme Generator: Worst Mistake In The History Of The Internet!?


The official Bill Cosby meme generator should have been a huge success. Finally, there was an answer to all those unsanctioned Bill Cosby meme generators online. Unfortunately, the Cosby meme generator didn’t last 24 hours. In a lapse of social media awareness not seen since #AskJameis, Bill Cosby (or some now-unemployed social media staffer) tweeted a link to a meme generator on his website and didn’t realize people would dive on the opportunity to use the variety of Bill Cosby photos offered on his website and the meme generator to bring up some of the accusations against America’s favorite TV dad. Twitter jumped on this for hours creating memes involving sexual assault and pudding pops among other things.

Now the meme generator has been removed from And we didn’t even get to see Hannibal Buress‘ Cosby meme before it was gone.