Last Comic Standing Straight Up Recap: Invitationals Round 3


It’s week two on Last Comic Standing, and the third Round of the invitations. Tonight we learned there will be more than 20 semifinalists, as we’re already up to 21 comedians moving on to the next round, and we still have one more week of new comics to see.  16 comedians performed.  7 were chosen as semi-finalists.  Congratulations to Alingon Mitra, DC Benny, Emily Galanti, Gerald Kelly, Chloe Hillard, Zainab Johnson and Rocky LaPorte.  

1.  Tony Baker. @tonybakercomedy  The first set of the night brought out Chicago-turned-Hollywood comedian who got his biggest laugh talking about what happens when he plays board games with his kids. #MonopolySlumlord.  The judges thought he was fun, and funny, but he didn’t move on.

2. Alingon Mitra @alingon  Alingon got some backstory time, where he shared his double life.  After going to Harvard  he works for his parents as a tax consultant by day, and does stand up at night.  There’s not a lot of cross over there, but the judges just loved him and sent him through.  Russell said he was blown away, Keenan called him original, and Roseanne enjoyed it all.  SEMI-FINALIST!

3. DC Benny @dcbenny 20 year vet comic DC Benny talked about growing up in DC and living in Brooklyn while trying to make it as an actor and comic.  His story about getting cut from a scene he auditioned for made the audience roar, and the judges liked him too.  Russell criticized him for looking like he was chewing gum but it must have not been a big deal because he made it through to the next phase.  SEMI-FINALIST!

4. Kelly Pryce @kellycomedy.  Kelly got the backstory treatment, and we got to meet her 3 kids, and her very supportive husband. Pryce talked about a sexual fantasy with her husband gone wrong and got laughs, but she also got a rough judges critique, and didn’t make it out of the invitationals.  Roseanne suggested she work on her construction and Keenan advised her that she needs to establish her ‘truth’ on stage.

5.  Randy Liedtke @randy_liedtke  Redheaded comedian Randy Liedtke who went viral with his familiar face and iphone cookies started with a dick joke, some puns and wordplay, and then pulled a surprise move– turned his act into a cell phone vent act.  He didn’t make the semi-finals, but Roseanne did tell him that he looks funny, so there’s that.

6.  Vinny Brand @vinny_brand  We saw a quick clip of Vinny Brand in episode one, and he came back with another short clip in last nights episode.  He didn’t move on to the semi-finals this week, but who knows, maybe he’ll be back for the last round of invitationals next week.

7.  Mike Lawrence @themikelawrence Mike only got a short clip on, letting us know who the real villain was in the movie “The Lion King”.  He didn’t make the semis but we’re still rooting for him anyway.

8.  Hampton Yount @hamptonyout  Hampton had a short set about fears the come along with online dating and the audience loved it, but he’s not moving on to the semi-finals.

9.  Emily Galati @emilygalati Emily’s short clip showed her taking some shots at Arizona (apparently the Mexican American war is over– no one told Arizona).  And it earned her a spot in the semis. Roseanne called her smart, smart, smart, smart, smart.  SEMI-FINALIST!

10.  Chloe Hilliard @chloe_hilliard  Chloe had a backstory segment, and spent it showing us her jewish neighborhood, and talking about Challah.  We even got to meet her neighbor the rabbi, who seems to be an aspiring stand up himself.  Her jokes about hotel ice buckets and keeping her nips hard made the judges very happy, and she’ll be coming back as a SEMI-FINALIST!

11. Gerald Kelly @geraldkellynyla  Gerard had one of the shortest set of the night, he killed.  LCS proved length doesn’t matter, cause his name is now on the list as a SEMI-FINALIST!  We’re hoping his extended set comes out in the clips tomorrow.

12.  Keith Alberstadt  @keithalberstadt   “You wouldn’t like that chicken very much if you really thought about how it was made.  Maybe, but if that’s how I form my opinions, I’m not going to like my siblings very much either.”  Funny, but not funny enough for the judges, because Keith didn’t make the semis.

13.  Kimberly Clark Said that there were two black kids in her school– her and Keisha.  And she was also known as oh shit I thought you was Keisha.” Kimberly didn’t make it to the semis.

14.  Jim Tews @JimTews told some jokes about photo bombing his class picture, but did not make the semifinals this year.

15.  Zainab Johnson @zainabjohnson Zainab, who is black, bald and strikingly tall, also did a great set, “I ain’t crazy cause I keyed the car, I’m crazy cause it was my car.”  The judges loved her, called her a class act,  and she will be back in the semi finals. SEMI-FINALIST!

16.  Rocky LaPorte @RockyLaporte was the last comedian to perform in Round 3.  He got an extended backstory set, with his kids, and his grandkids, and revealed that he’s been doing comedy for 26 years and looking for a break that could get him off the road.  His daughter said he’s all heart and the judges and the audience agreed.  You’ll be seeing him again as a SEMI-FINALIST!

Next Thursday, the invitationals continue for one more week.  See you on Thursday for more Last Comic Standing.  Don’t forget to go to our special Last Comic Standing page all season long to follow along.

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