Last Comic Standing Straight Up Recap: Invitational Round 4


Last night the fourth and final “invitational round” of Last Comic Standing aired. This was the last chance for any of the original 100 comics invited to audition to advance to the semi finals. Seven new comedians became semifinalists, who will continue on to compete for the $250,000 grand prize. These seven join the 21 comedians already chosen as semifinalists bringing us to a grand total of 28.

Congratulations to the newest seven semifinalists, comedians Karlous Miller, DeAnne Smith, Nikki Carr, Tommy Ryman, Monroe Martin, Mike Gaffney, and Yamaneika Saunders.

Here is the straight up recap of who performed and what happened.


1. Karlous Miller. @karlousm Karlous got the LCS version of a hat trick, with a a backstory segment, a full length set, and a ride to the semis. Karlous was all set to be a fireman like his dad, until he went to his first fire, and discovered that fire is hot. Roseanne called him non stop funny, JB called him SEMI-FINALIST.

2. Joe Zimmerman. @joezimmerman “It’s great to be here. I actually live in fear, so it’s great to get out.” Joe had a funny set, and wondered why people buy snakes when there are much fluffier pets available. Joe did not make it to the semi finals but he did have the world’s friendliest fight with judge Keenan Ivory Wayans.

3. Tim Harmston. @_timharmston Tim got to show off his comedian wife, and his backstory along with an extended LCS set. He didn’t make it to the semi finals, but he did give the judges some great tips on coloring your hair.

4. Yamaneika Saunders. @yamaneika Yamaneika Only a short part of her set aired, but on Last Comic Standing, length doesn’t matter at all. She is a semi finalist, so we’ll be seeing more from her very soon. SEMI FINALIST.

5. Pete Lee. @petelee Pete talked about being jealous of his single friends in a short set. We don’t know what the judges said, but Pete didnt make it to the semis.

6. Luis J. Gomez @luisjgomez Luis only got one line off on the aired version of last comic standing last night, but it was a good one. Does he look like a college student or like he’s kidnapping one? It all depends on whether he’s wearing a hat. Follow this guy. He isn’t going to the semi finals but you want to follow him anyway.  Read our article about his new innovative comedy in the dark show, happening monthly in NYC.

7. Chip Pope @chippope Chip also got one of those super fast clips on the show last night. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if he makes it to the youtube extended clips. He did not make the semi finals.

8. DeAnne Smith @DeAnne_Smith You can tell the judges really love you when they repeat your catch phrase over and over. You can also tell they love you when they send you through to be a SEMI FINALIST. #TellItToMyBalls Cmon guys this is a family show.

9. Nikki Carr @nikkicarrtqs Here’s a clue that Nikki was going to make it to the next round– the judges compared her to Bernie Mac. And, as she said in a post-set clip, and not just looks, like everyone else does. And we agree Nikki, food is delicious. SEMI FINALIST

10. Billy Wayne Davis @billywaynedavis Billy Wayne Davis. Billy Wayne was the only comedian in the competition to make a coon joke. Easy everyone, he was quoting a racist friend of his. Roseanne liked his timing and his writing. Russell agreed and Keenan dug his confidence. Billy didn’t make the semi finals, but we all learned something.

11. Mike Gaffney @mikegaffneynow Mike showed up with the most energy of anyone who took the stage last night, and it paid off. He also has a message for anyone who breaks one flip flop. The judges loved him and he’s moving up as a SEMI FINALIST.

12. JC Coccoli @jccoccoli In a quick clip before she took the stage JC said she was afraid Roseanne was going to yell at her, but then said that it was okay, because if Roseanne yells at you, you’ve won. Well she was half right. Roseanne yelled at her. She did not advance to the semi finals. Also, don’t call Roseanne ‘girl’.

13. Sean Donnelly @seanytime He goes to the thug barbershop, where they make fun of your haircut right after they give it to you. Sean didn’t make it to the semi finals. He also didn’t get a very long clip.

14. Kellye Howard @kellyehoward Kelly also got a very short clip on last nights Last Comic Standing. She’s married and really needs to change her friends. Kelly didn’t make it out of the invitationals.

15. Kurt Metzger @kurtmetzger Kurt didn’t get a lot of time on the show, but he talked about quitting smoking. It’s really hard. So hard, that he still smokes. Make sure you check out Kurt, he’s one of the good ones.

16. Tommy Ryman @tommyryman Tommy talked about getting a new puppy. Everyone loves to hear about a cute little puppy. It’s not a rescue, but he doesn’t feel bad, cause someday it will be. Roseanne gave him some strong feedback, and Tommy is headed through as a SEMI FINALIST!

17. Monroe Martin @monroemartinIII Monroe Martin might have been the judge and crowd favorite of the night. You’ll be seeing more of him. “If you take a man fishing and drown him, he will never ask you for a piece of fish again.” Keenan told him “you are what comedy is supposed to be.”  Not bad. He’s a SEMI FINALIST


Next Thursday, we’re on to the Semi Finals.  We don’t know what to expect, but we’ll be watching along with you every week, right here on Don’t forget to go to our special Last Comic Standing page all season long to follow along.

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