Ken Marino: Drunk Or Not On New Year’s Eve!? (Poll)

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NBC rang in the new year with Carson Daly and his co-hosts Ken Marino, Terry Crews and Chrissy Teigen. What had people talking most last night during the broadcast was Ken Marino and his champagne slamming. Marino was seen pouring and enjoying glass after glass of champagne during the NYE celebration, and it was the talk of twitter last night but everyone seemed to like it.   Marino was all kinds of silly last night admiring Terry Crews shirtless pecs and being the toast of the town. That is until Teigen put a stop to the gossiping this morning, breaking kayfabe and saying we all got fooled. Really Chrissy!? Who pounds ginger ale!?

Either way it made for some fun New Year’s Eve television.

Ken Marino’s drinking did not go unnoticed.

Who interviews a man’s chest if they’re not drunk!?

America loved drunk Ken Marino. Don’t let the swimsuit model ruin a great New Year’s Eve.

The night started out great for everyone. Except for whatever faux creature Terry Crews was wearing.

Chrissy Teigen pulled the curtain back on what people were sure was a very drunk fun loving champagne slugging Ken Marino.

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