Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone Reboot is Full of Comedians

The trailer has dropped for the 2019 reboot of Rod Serling’s classic anthology series, The Twilight Zone. It’s a strange world when you have to describe the legendary series to young people as “kind of like Black Mirror” but that’s the world we live in.

Jordan Peele is behind the new incarnation of the series, and you can only see it if you subscribe to CBS All Access. The digital network is a pay per access that gives you the ability to watch all of CBS’s shows anytime and anywhere you want, and not just current shows- you can watch every episode of every season of Big Brother, for example, and even classic series like Taxi, or every episode of the original Twilight Zone series, so you don’t have to wait for New Years Eve to catch a marathon. There’s also a handful of originals if you don’t mind paying $10 a month just for CBS content. There’s a cheaper option but then you’re paying for content with commercials, and who wants to do that?

But comedy fans who are also sci fi fans may want to check it out or at least take the opportunity to strategically get a free trial week, because the cast is loaded up with some comedy favorites like Adam Scott, John Cho, Kumail Nanjiani, Ike Barinholtz, Tracy Morgan, Chris O’Dowd, Greg Kinnear, John Laroquette, and Seth Rogen.

Two episodes premiere on April 1st with a favorite from the classic series kicking it all off. “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” originally aired on October 11, 1963 and starred William Shatner. The episode was re-created for Twilight Zone: The Movie with John Lithgow in the role of a hysterical passenger who sees something outside the window. The 2019 version occurs at 30,000 feet and will star Adam Scott in the classic role, but there are some changes. According to the episode description, in 2019 our paranoid passenger has been listening to a podcast telling him that the plane he is flying in will disappear. You can see excerpts from that episode in the trailer.

Also premiering April 1st, and featured in the trailer is “The Comedian” which will feature Kumail Nanjiani in an updated version of the type of monkeys paw-esque storylines which occurred in more than one original episode- the idea that a deal that seems too good to be true, is in fact, too good to be true. Nanjiani stars as a comedian who sells his soul to Tracy Morgan to get laughs. You can expect that Kumail’s character will not be happy with the bargain.

Jordan Peele hosts.

The series debuts on April 1, with ten episodes, and you can watch the trailers below.

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