Jo Koy Performs Stand Up on the Tonight Show

Jo Koy made a triumphant return to the Tonight Show on Friday night. It was his first appearance on the iconic comedy variety show since hosted. When Jo appeared with Leno, he was rewarded with a standing ovation from the studio audience. Friday’s crowd also showed their appreciation for him with a huge response of applause breaks throughout his set. For Friday’s set on the Tonight Show, Jo Koy focused on a topic that is a fan favorite subject, his son. Jo’s son, Little Jo (who’s not so little anymore) just turned 14, and now he’s inspiring his dad with a whole new source of material. Jo’s gone from the Ting-Ting days to dealing with his son’s teenage years.

Jo Koy talked about how his son isn’t doing so well in school, grade-wise, but even with a low average, he’s still doing better than Jo did at his age. Jo joked about how he goes out of his way to please his son and despite all that he does, including being his son’s private Uber driver, his kid no longer wants to hang with him. Jo’s energy lit up every emotion he went through talking about his son including when he talks about being on verge of tears. Jo discussed being jealous of his son’s friend Gus, how he eavesdrops on his kid and one of the worst things you can say to a 14 year old while trying to reconnect with him. As much as the audience loved Jo’s set, he really insisted that his son receive no applause because “he’s a jerk!” You can watch Jo Koy’s Tonight Show set below courtesy of ’s YouTube channel.

Jo Koy is the host of the new comedy prank show available on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network called Inglorious Pranksters and his brand new comedy special, Jo Koy: Live From Seattle is currently ready for streaming on Netflix. Plus, he’s on tour and on his way to cities including DC, Jacksonville, Las Vegas and Chicago. Also, watch for Jo Koy’s recent appearance on SiriusXM’s premiere comedy interview show, Unmasked with , to be available here on the IBang.

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