Jerry Seinfeld Names His Favorite “Unknown” and Comedy Goes Crazy

Who says there’s no such thing as comedy royalty? Jerry Seinfeld may be the reigning king of comedy, because when he has something to say, people listen. And lately, he’s had a lot to say about New York Comedian Mark Normand.

Over the holiday weekend, Jerry was at Citi Field for Seinfeld night, celebrating 30 years since his tv show “Seinfeld” premiered on NBC. He threw out the first pitch, and then joined Gary Cohen, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez in the Mets’ TV booth, where the conversation rolled around to comedy. Cohen asked him if there is a young up and coming comic that we should all be keeping our eyes on, and Jerry said yes, there is. Mark Normand. “There’s a young guy out there named Mark Normand who has not broken yet who I have met and I have talked to,” Jerry said. He explained that he likes comics who about the history of comedy. “When I talk to them about Buddy Hackett they know who I’m talking about. Or Rickles. They know Klein. They know the heritage of the profession,” he said referring of course to Don Rickles and Robert Klein. Seinfeld has seen Normand performing at Gotham Comedy Club, where Jerry drops in regularly and had complemented him before, although not quite as publicly. Just a few months ago, Mark Normand had no idea Jerry knew anything about him, and over the last few months we’ve caught a few whispers that Seinfeld had picked him as someone to watch. Recently, the two had a chance to talk, and word is they got along great.

Normand isn’t playing it cool, he posted the clip on his Instagram, with all the excitement of knowing that someone who could change your career is hyping your name and your comedy. He wrote “Gulp” thanking everyone for the love. “This is incredibly surreal. It’s truly one of those doozy moments in life. I’m busting!!” he wrote on his Instagram, promising to talk about Jerry on his upcoming episode of his podcast with Joe List, Tuesdays With Stories.

He’s already got the love of Amy Schumer who selected Normand as one of the comedians she “presented” with a comedy special for Comedy Central. Maybe a project with Seinfeld is in his future.

Seinfeld has been known to give a hand or at least an industry introduction to comedians he admires- he produced Colin Quinn’s “Unconstitutional” and “Long Story Short”, as well as Tom Papa’s “The Marriage Ref,” and most recently, helped Brian Regan connect with Netflix to create sketch/standup hybrid series Stand Up and Away.

Normand’s comedy friends are ecstatic, reacting on social media. Amy Schumer wrote “You deserve it! Now watch all your friends turn on you!! 🙋🏼” Impractical Joker Sal Vulcano called the clip “fucking insane” echoing Joe List response of “Holy Fuck This is Insane”. On Instagram Nate Bargatze wrote “The greatest thing ever,” Bridget Everett said the comment by Seinfeld was “major” and Ryan Hamilton applauded the news. Other excited comments came in from from D.C. Benny, Wil Sylvince, Seth Herzog, Adrienne Iappalucci, Chris Millhouse, Liz Miele, Chad Daniels, Joe Derosa, Ron Bennington,