Jeff Garlin Has a Message For “Curb” Fans on Conan

Has something ever happened to you that made you think, this would make a great episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm“? If you have an idea floating around your head for Larry David, Curb producer and co-star Jeff Garlin has some advice for you which he gave on Conan, Monday night. Jeff wants you to keep your Curb ideas to yourself because they’re not funny!

As he explained to Conan O’Brien, “No one in 9 years that we’ve been doing the show has ever pitched me an idea that I went, ‘I’m going to bring that to Larry. That’s great!’ They all stink!” Jeff Garlin told Conan that he is pitched “Curb” ideas constantly and he’s never been impressed. He also talked about how most them aren’t even jokes to begin with, giving the prime example of someone pitching him a story about “a fat lady cut in front of me at the salad bar,” and that was it.

One reason that Jeff Garlin won’t bring fan ideas to Larry David is because Jeff works on the show and he doesn’t even presume to pitch premises to the Curb star. Adding that Larry is “a genius”, who knows what he’s doing, so why would he pitch him anything?

Earlier in the interview, Jeff Garlin and Conan talked about being former roommates together in Chicago and the two hadn’t gotten a chance to talk since the Cubbies’s World Series win. The two shared an apartment next door to Wrigley Field. During the Series, Jeff was selected to be one of the celebrities that fired up Cubs fans at Wrigley with a “Play Ball!” speech. You can watch the clips below to see what one word Jeff Garlin was so very tempted to scream into a live mic at the World Series before the game began. He says he was dying to yell it and just run around in circles until he was arrested. You can watch the actual clip of Jeff Garlin’s pep talk for the Chicago Cubs’ fans below as well.

Jeff Garlin has a brand new Netflix movie coming out where he plays a detective. He describes it as “It’s kind of like Columbo, if Columbo wasn’t as good as it was.” His Netflix mystery comedy movie is called “Handsome” and it’s available for streaming on Friday, May 5th.

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