Jay Pharaoh Crushes at Micro Impressions

Jay Pharaoh nails these impressions in a second for Vanity Fair. He does 20 impressions in just two and a half minutes, mostly black celebrities and many of them comedians including Eddie Murphy, Will Smith, Katt Williams, Richard Pryor, Tracy Morgan, and they’re very specific. Like Chris Rock can’t figure out how to double dutch, or Dave Chappelle reprimanding his puppy, Chris Tucker having trouble with Shakespeare, Bernie Mac getting the joke too late, and John Mulaney learns he has been saying a well-known phrase wrong. It’s the latest in Vanity Fair’s series of celebrity nano impressions. Previous performers in the series include Dana Carvey, Ross Marquand and Jim Meskiman.

Next challenge for you Jay, Macro-Impressions: cut an entire hour-long Netflix special as each of the comics.

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