Jay Mohr Says Donald Trump Didn’t Bomb on SNL

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“I thought it was really pretty good. Anybody saying he bombed? He didn’t bomb. Deon Sanders, Charles Barkley, Joe Namath, they bombed. This guy, he played ball, he did okay,” Mohr said about Trump’s appearance hosting Saturday Night Live last night.

Jay Mohr went on CNN this morning with Brian Stelter to share his opinion on Donald Trump’s second gig hosting SNL last night. He said Trump did fine, adding “no, I didn’t think he was flat at all, I thought he was game, he played along.” Mohr added, “When you’re a host on Saturday Night Live you have to just surrender, you have to give in, and he did. He was the star of the show, he made fun of himself, he didn’t take it too much, people made fun of his hair, who cares. You know what, he’s been traveling the country as Don Rickles, essentially just being an insult comic and now he gets to intro an R&B Group that he has no idea who it is, like and old white guy should.”

Mohr also talked about the issue that’s all over the media today- did Lorne keep Trumps time short because of equal time rules. Mohr answered the question with an emphatic no. “Having been on Saturday Night Live, that is absurd and that is patently false. There’s no way on God’s green Earth Lorne Michaels had a stopwatch and was timing Donald Trumps airtime, I promise you that’s not true,” Mohr said. He added that Trump had more airtime last night than Mohr had in two years on SNL.

Jay also live Periscoped his appearance, taking his followers into the CNN pod, and you can watch that now and for the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned at the end for a pg-13 trip to the mens room with Mohr complete with a full explanation about how Jay does his business and more than a little pee shyness.

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