IFC Greenlights New Comedy From Former ‘Daily Show’ EP

Here’s some news on an interesting series that had all but fallen off of our radar: IFC has just announced that they have officially greenlit the new comedy series Living With Yourself, which has been in development at the network since April of last year. Now, the network is eyeing a 2018 release date for the show’s first eight-episode run.

Written by former Daily Show executive producer Tim Greenberg and directed by Jeff Blitz (, ), Living With Yourself will tell the story of George Elliot, a listless, unmotivated average Joe whose personal and professional life leaves much to be desired. To change this, he undergoes a treatment that is meant to literally make him a better person. The catch? He soon finds out that he’s been replaced by a “new and improved” version of himself, forcing him to do battle (metaphorically — and perhaps physically?) with both his inner and outer selves. It’s an out-there concept for sure, but then again, out-there comedy is IFC’s bread and butter.

“We are thrilled to be working with Tim Greenberg, who brought us a character in George Elliott that jumps off the page and then brilliantly duplicated that character so that we’d only have to hire one actor for both roles, the ultimate win-win,” joked IFC president Jennifer Caserta in a statement.

“I’m doubly thrilled to be working with IFC on this show. Normally I’d make a joke out of a quote like this, but I’m too sincerely excited,” added Greenberg.

No news of a cast just yet, so stay tuned to The IBang for more details as they come out!


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Bill Tressler

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