Who is Hosting Saturday Night Live Tonight: November 25, 2017

Attention Justice League fans! Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, hosts tonight’s repeat episode of at 11:30pm on NBC!

This weekend before SNL returns to live shows, the cast and crew are enjoying the rest of Thanksgiving week off by running an earlier episode of Saturday Night Live from this year’s Season 43 which originally aired on Saturday, October 7, 2017. The show was hosted by Israeli actor and model, and more importantly first-time host, Gal Gadot who is best known for her role of the Amazing Amazon, Wonder Woman in films including “Batman v. Superman“, “Justice League” and the character’s own self-title film adventure, the number one movie of the summer for 2017.

Tonight’s SNL rerun was only the second show of Saturday Night Live‘s still short 43rd season and the long-running variety series was already having to take on some very serious subject manner. This new episode had to deal with mass shootings and murders in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Music Festival along with the death of rock icon Tom Petty who was a frequent SNL musical guest of the series’ multiple decades. Lorne Michaels and crew handled both tragic stories with the masterful nuance that SNL has become to be known for over the years. Instead of the standard cold open, the show opened with country music star Jason Aldean who was on stage at the Las Vegas concert when the shooting began. Aldean gave a brief statement and then went into a live version of Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” as a tribute to both news stories.

Looking at other highlights audiences will revisit in tonight’s SNL rerun, the Season 43 MVPs (so far) stand out, Michael Che and Colin Jost. The Weekend Update anchors brought the heat and the comedy to a story that seemed impossible to find comedy in, the Vegas murders. Che nailed a the sentiment felt by a large portion of the population saying, “I notice the people that bring up the Second Amendment all the time are also the same people that preach respect law enforcement, support the troops. Meanwhile, they have a closet full of weapons because they think the same troops are going to come and drag their house away.” WU also covered news items including the world’s heaviest woman, OJ Simpson’s first post-prison meal, mosquito repelling phones, sex with robots, and sarcasm awareness month. Plus, there were appearances from Kate McKinnon as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Pete Davidson addressing his own mental health issues.

Other highlights included Gal Gadot’s bilingual monologue which included an Amazonian Leslie Jones dressed as Wonder Woman, a sketch about two lesbians landing on Wonder Woman’s homeland, Themyscira and thinking they had truly found “Paradise Island”, a few digital short ad parodies and a hilarious sketch featuring Kenan Thompson as newly paroled O.J. Simpson on his first Bumble date with an international woman played by host Gal Gadot who hadn’t followed American news in the 90s.

In the promos for tonight’s repeat episode of Saturday Night Live, cast members Mikey Day (who the other cast members are still having trouble learning his name,) Beck Bennett and Leslie Jones find out the hard way if Gal Gadot is anything like a real life Wonder Woman. Next Gal is joined by cast member Kenan Thompson and musical guest Sam Smith and we learn about the “nude lip” and a possible high school reunion with Sam and Kenan.

Gal Gadot hosts an encore presentation of SNL tonight with musical guest Sam Smith at 11:30pm on NBC.

Saturday Night Live returns “live” next weekend with host Saoirse Ronan and musical guest U2.

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