Here’s the Photo of a World Famous Comedian’s Cameo in Star Wars (Minor Spoiler Alert)

judah friedlander in star wars

There’s no plot point being given away here, but in case you just like to discover EVERYTHING by yourself, you’ve been warned. Of course by now it’s too late you’ve already seen the photo.

The internet has been buzzing about World Champion Judah Friedlander’s appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens ever since someone spotted his name in the closing credits. Germaine Lussier included the fact in a list of Star Wars movie easter eggs on too. Here finally is a photo of Judah, who appears in Maz Kantana’s bar.

The photo was found by Reddit user _olopops_ and posted in the Star Wars Leaks subreddit.  Now you want to go back and see the movie again, don’t you.

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