Hasan Minhaj Was Ready to go to DEFCON ORANGE at the WHCD

When Hasan Minhaj met up with Stephen Colbert on the Late Show Tuesday night, the two talk about what they had in common besides both being accused of “smoking weed” at the Met Gala last month by Anna Wintour. Watch the clip below, they’ll explain it.

Besides both being correspondents for the Daily Show (Hasan still has that gig), Colbert and Minhaj compared notes about another gig they have in common. They both have hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Stephen Colbert in 2006 and Hasan Minhaj just this year. It was a job that earned each of them rave reviews. One difference between when Colbert hosted and when Minhaj was the featured speaker, was that the sitting President showed up when Colbert hosted, whereas Donald Trump stood up Minhaj and the White House Correspondents’ Association that evening.

However, Hasan Minhaj didn’t completely believe that Trump would be a no-show. Minhaj said he kept thinking that the Chief Executive would come bursting through the double doors like a professional wrestler entering the arena for a run-in. Minhaj compared Trump to the wrestler, X-Pac, which makes us wonder if Hasan Minhaj has ever actually watched the WWE because Trump is obviously more like the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase or at the very least, a latter day Adorable Adrian Adonis, (Google him, you’ll see the resemblance). However, Hasan Minhaj, like any good host, was prepared for an unannounced Trump arrival at the dinner. He referred to his plan as “DEFCON ORANGE”.

Hasan Minhaj had prepared a special card that was marked to only use if President Trump had the balls to show up at the WHCD. It was filled with jokes and comments that Minhaj wanted to do only to Donald Trump’s face. Minhaj said he plotted and planned working out specific jokes for the DEFCON ORANGE card. He was not going to get caught off-guard at the dinner. Unfortunately, Scaredy-Trump never arrived and now we may never hear those jokes.

One joke that got a huge pop in the room that surprised Hasan, was his joke about USA Today and how people don’t have to be all that smart to read it. The loud reaction he got from that joke made him feel like all of sudden, he was in a World Star video. One bit that had lesser appeal was a joke near the end of his act about the Huffington Post that actually drew a scream at him from a lady in the audience. He couldn’t confirm that it was actually Arianna Huffington.

Hasan Minhaj also shared a story with Colbert about being behind enemy lines for a Daily Show segment done in Alabama, which he says is a state where the Daily Show has some of its worst ratings. It was during a Daily Show special called “Alabama Week”. Minhaj traveled to the Yellowhammer State and got a gun permit for $7 at a gun range and was immediately mistaken for a member of ISIS. According to Minhaj, that’s because ISIS would naturally want “an Indian boy band member” in its ranks. He also talked to Colbert about his Netflix special, Homecoming King and how he had to fly to California, to his hometown, just as Trump’s first travel ban was put into effect. There may have been something about that on his DEFCON ORANGE card.

You can see Hasan Minhaj on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah weeknights on Comedy Central and check out his new special, Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King currently streaming on Netflix.

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