Hannibal Buress Arrest Footage From Police Body Cam Released

Back in December we posted a story about Hannibal Buress getting arrested in Miami after getting into an argument with police officers.  Buress was charged with disorderly intoxication.  Video taken by a fan showed confronting police while handcuffed, asking why he was being detained, and even refusing to get into the police car, claiming there was no probable cause.

The Daily Mail posted newly released footage from a police bodycam show more of the arrest, and you can hear Buress getting confrontational with police, amused and confused about why he is being taken in. Buress turns directly to the camera and says “hey put the camera on. Hey, it’s me, whats up?! This cop is stupid, hey it’s me, Hannibal Buress.” Police try to tell him to leave the area before telling Buress to put his hands behind his back to be cuffed. Buress can be heard repeatedly asking what the charge is, and tells gathering fans he’s under arrest for calling the officer “a bitch-ass ni**a.”

Miami-Dade police said that the trouble started when Buress was asked to leave a nearby bar for being too drunk, and allegedly refused to leave, which would explain earlier allegations of trespassing. Police say they asked Buress to leave multiple times before taking him in and arresting him.

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