Hannibal Buress Fights With Cops, Gets Arrested, and It’s Caught on Video

Hannibal Buress was arrested on Saturday after getting into a verbal altercation with police in Miami. The charges were disorderly intoxication according to a tweet from the Miami Police Department. Video of the argument shows Buress handcuffed, asking police to explain why he was being detained, refusing to get in the car claiming the officers don’t have probable cause, and making at least one bystander laugh by calling the officer ‘goofy as fuck’.

The officers tell Buress he is suspected of trespassing, but no trespassing charges were filed according to the Daily Mail.

One of the onlookers shouted “Free Hannibal Buress”

The comedian was booked into Miami-Dade jail at 1:57 am on Sunday and posted bail of $500 early Sunday morning.

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