Everyone in Comedy is Watching Bert Kreischer Dance

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Okay, so Chappelle dropped a controversial special, Pete Davidson is throwing the r word around, Eddie Murphy is hosting SNL, Andrew Schulz released a free crowd work special opposite Dave Chappelle’s and Donald Trump is being well, Donald Trump. But if you want to know what has everyone in comedy talking this week, its Bert Kreischer’s beautiful new promo for his Body Shots World Tour (go to bertbertbert.com for dates and tickets). It’s well past two million views on Twitter and growing with half a million more views on Instagram.

This is clearly why Kreischer pitched a hip hop dance contest for his Sober October challenge with Joe Rogan, Ari Shaffir and Tom Segura. And why everyone else balked.

This crazy beautiful hypnotic one minute clip of Bert dancing to Post Malone’s “Wow” is going to give you more joy than ten comedy specials. And it needs no deciphering, no analysis, no debate. It also only takes a minute of your time to watch it once. High praise from Bert’s comedy friends add to the fun. Here’s just a few of them.

“You’re a lunatic.” – Sal Vulcano

“Brilliant!” – Jim Gaffigan

“I’ve watched this 45 times.” – Robert Kelly

“Hahaha. You’re a fucking disgrace. Good work 😂” – Ricky Gervais

“I mean I love you and I’m proud of you but you can’t dance for shit” – Tom Segura

“Oh man. I fucking love this.” – Chris D’Elia

“Bert Kreischer bites life on its fat ass. Watch this all day.” – Bennington

“This is Gold” – Jo Koy

“Im so jealous” Stavros Halkias

“Incredible. Let me know when you want a Machine vs Micro Machine dance off.” – Brad Williams

“I for real shouted nooo when you ripped your pants off. 😂😂” – Anjelah Johnson

“Get that shit!” Yannis Pappas

“Pure sex.” Dan Soder

“Art. Also how are u moist BEFORE you start dancing.” Fahim Anwar

“Best thing on the internet 🔥🔥🔥🔥” – Brendan Schaub

“Best promos in the game” -Jeremiah Standup

“Opening for some of these. Pumped.” – Tim Dillon

“You are a king, Bert.” – Not Sam Roberts

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One word… WOW!!!

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