Eight More Last Comic Standing Comics Move to the Next Round, Norm Shares Some Patrice Love

last comic standing comics

The third invitational show brought out some great comedians last night on .  Twelve more comics performed, and eight of those twelve will get another chance to perform on the LCS stage after the invitational rounds wrap up next week.  So far there are 31 comics moving on with one more week to go.

As always there were some interesting comments from the judges.   got the chance to say some words about the great Patrice O’Neal when he said comedian reminded him of Patrice. He added, “The reason I loved Patrice was he had his own truth and he was gonna tell you and he wasn’t going to take any prisoners, and that’s a giant void to fill…because I thought he was the funniest guy in the world when he passed away.”

While we’ve agreed with a lot of things Norm has said this season, we parted ways with Norm’s thoughts on comedian , who easily had the stand out set of the entire season so far.  Joe came out and absolutely crushed it.  Not only was his set outstanding, but he was charming, completely weird and genuine.  Bonus for the wonderfully awkward back and forth he had with the judges. Twitter loved him.  We loved him.  Keenan loved him and loved him.  Norm complimented Joe on his writing but said that his future was in writing, not performing. Couldn’t disagree more. The good news is Joe made the cut.  Let’s go summer of Joe! #IHaveAnAlbumOut #IHateMyself

Here’s just a few twitter fans.


Also big props to two more New York Comics advancing, and who both killed.  Joe, Sheng and Shakir are joined by Chicago’s , Drew Thomas, , Amir Gollan, and Brad Loekle, congratulations to everyone.

We got to see perform at Second City’s Break Out Festival this year, and he’s unbelievably talented so we were sorry to see him heading home so soon.  But there’s no doubt he has great things ahead of him.

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