“Drunk History,” “South Park” and “The President Show” to Appear at New York Comic Con

From October 5th through October 8th, New York Comic Con will take over the Javits Center and an army of costumed nerds (I’m allowed to use that word, I am one) will descend upon NYC. While the main focus of Comic Con events is, of course, comic books, video games, superhero films and the like, there is some considerable crossover with the world of comedy. Outlets like Adult Swim and Comedy Central regularly have a presence at the festival, and this year is no different. Comedy Central has announced that a few of their shows will make an appearance on the floor or in one of the many conference halls this year. You can check out what they have planned for each below.

The President Show Panel: The President Show’s Anthony Atamanuik, who plays Donald Trump, and executive producer Peter Grosz, who plays VP and sidekick Mike Pence, will be holding what’s sure to be the most amazing, most tremendous panel that the Con has ever seen. The pair, in character, will sit down for a discussion with The Majority Report’s Sam Seder for an in-depth look at the show, a little political talk, and a Q&A with the audience.

South Park 3D Interactive “Member Berries” Scene: Comedy Central always keeps their South Park displays at festivals interesting and interactive, and this one follows that same strategy. Fans will be able to sit down at the Marsh family dinner table for a 3D re-enactment of a scene from the now-infamous Member Berries episode. Sitting in either Sharon or Shelly’s seat, fans will be asked three trivia questions about the show. If they guess correctly, they’ll be rewarded with some limited edition gear — if they guess wrong, they’ll be doused with “Member Berry juice” that will spew out of Randy’s mouth. Don’t worry: ponchos and eyewear will be available to make sure you don’t stain that brand new Luke Cage shirt you just got.

Drunk History Q&A and Sneak Peek: Derek Waters, creator of the hilarious Drunk History narration series, will be giving fans an inside look at the show’s creative process (i.e. getting really drunk with comics and actors, then having them tell stories badly). The event will feature a Q&A with fans, comments from Waters as well as recurring cast members Duncan Trussell, Katie Nolan and Amber Ruffin, and a sneak peek at the upcoming fifth season of the show.

For a full list of the many, many vendors, displays and panels that will be taking place throughout the weekend at New York Comic Con, head on over to their website.

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