David Spade Heads to Late Night With Comedy Central

Comedy Central made a slew of big announcements today, including a brand new late night show- helmed by SNL alum and movie star David Spade.  It’s not a once a week gig, Spade is committing a real every night, late night show for the network.  Expect Spade’s late night show to have a different tone from the current politically heavy offerings, he’ll be focusing on pop culture.

He promises to cover “pop culture, whatever’s funny whatever’s stupid and whatever’s dumb.” And he’s said he’s planning to include his “stupid friends.”  Translation, famous friends, SNL alum- we’re assuming Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler and more. If you’ve been following Spade on Instagram, you have some idea of what to expect.  Slate should have a nice lead in following The Daily Show Monday through Thursday although we’ll see if there’s a crossover here from Trevor Noah’s young multicultural audience to Spade’s more sarcastic old school style.

Spade has experience in the area- back when he was a Saturday Night Live his snarky Weekend Update gossip segment “Hollywood Minute” was a gigantic hit.

In a promo released on Monday Spade humblebragged about his credentials that include twenty-two movies, fourteen tv shows, seven sitcoms, two books, two specials and appearing on TMZ a lot. No title for the show yet.

The show is executive produced by Spade, Alex Murray and Marc Gurvitz. Brad Wollack and Tom Brunelle of Free 90 Media serve as executive producers and showrunners.


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