D.J. Demers Performs Stand Up on Conan

America has picked up another win over Canada. That is, if we’re keeping a comedy scoreboard. Canadian comedian D.J. Demers who was born north of the border, but now resides in sunny Los Angeles, California, performed stand up on on Thursday night.

This was Demers’ second appearance for Team Coco. His first performance for Conan O’Brien was in 2014, which was an amazing year for Demers. That same year, he was named the winner of the Homegrown Comics Competition at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. Also, he added to his JFL credits in 2014, when he was a featured comedian at JFL Toronto. But Canada’s comedy loss, is America’s gain. D.J. Demers told Conan’s audience that he had just moved here to the States, saying, “I looked at the current political climate and I said, ‘Now is the time.'”

During his set, Demers revealed to the audience (or at least to the ones who hadn’t noticed) that he wears two hearing aids. He also confessed that despite needing hearing aids, he really hates all other disabilities. He shared that his hearing loss has caused some challenges for his girlfriend who moved in with him. Demers talked about how when he takes his hearing aids out at night to go to sleep, he basically has to do “a last call” for any talking or conversation his girlfriend wants to do before going to bed. He said he has to tell her that he’s about, “to shut this shit down” for the night. Watch the clip below from TeamCoco.com to hear how D.J. refers to himself and his girlfriend after he’s taken out his hearing aids and she’s removed her contact lenses.

His hearing loss has its advantages as well which he explains and Demers also talked about the change in the law preventing gay men from donating blood, and why the gay men that can now donate, shouldn’t be all that proud.

D.J. Demers is currently touring the country including appearances near his new home at the Burbank Comedy Festival coming up next month. For all his tour dates, go to DJDemers.com.

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