Check Our Feed: Comedians Comment on the Golden Globes

We love our Twitter feed. We follow 2100 comedians on Twitter, plus have a few lists to keep track of the best of the best, so you can’t beat our feed when it comes to reading the funniest reactions to big group events. Last night, we watched the Golden Globes along with many of those 2100 comedian friends who posted on Twitter, and it definitely made the evening more fun.

We can sum up the Golden Globes pretty quickly. Jimmy Fallon couldn’t deal with a teleprompter fail and did a Chris Rock impression, Donald Glover’s Atlanta won for Best Series and Glover himself won for Best Actor, Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig brought the only real comedy to the party, Meryl Streep inspired some and divided others with a real real speech, and Vince Vaughn got capped glaring at her. And everything else related in one way or another to La La Land.

But enough with our babbling on, what you really want to know is what did the comedians think.  If you want to read more head over to feeds from Sam Morril, Guy Branum, and Paul F. Tompkins who were undoubtedly the tweet MVP’s during the Globes.  Here are our 40 favorite tweets during Golden Globes.

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