Comedian Jim Tews Releases New Animated Short

jim tews animated short

Comedian has released the first in what will be a series of animated shorts chronicling his experiences living in New York City, “Coolest Pretty good city in the world.”

Tews is a comedian based in New York by way of Cleveland, Ohio. He’s a seasoned comic as well as a fledgling documentarian, having created the 2015 comedy documentary Make Fun: Building a Comedy Scene. Tews had a big hand in creating and maintaining the Cleveland DIY comedy scene, along with fellow comics Carey Callahan and Ramon Rivas II, and felt compelled to document the magic that he and his peers experienced in that city over the years. Having honed the blade of his stand-up in Cleveland for seven years, the comic now performs across NYC, including a regular spot at UCB East’s Fresh Out showcase. He also started a popular Tumblr page, based on the Facebook blog Humans of New York called Felines of New York, which actually spawned its own book (which by the way is beautifully shot in addition to being funny).

Basically, Tews likes to stay busy. In keeping with that theme, Tews has begun work on what he hopes will be an animated series. Check out the first short below:

The short shows Jim sitting at home, vlogging some tips about how to make it in New York. He starts by musing on how expensive it is to do virtually anything in the city, joking that it costs $15 just to step outside for air or simply talk to a person (which actually isn’t far off.) While Jim likely could have rambled on about all the negatives of living in the city, he doesn’t; Instead, he goes on to marvel at how easy it is to get things delivered, from food and booze to a deaf cat. It’s not all bad, see?

Jim’s friend Ashley comes by during his recording to try and coax him out of the house; not out of any concern for him, but because she’d rather not go out alone. In return, Jim demonstrates the best way to save money when living in NYC: never leave your house, ever. He convinces his friend to stay in with him (for a price,) and then ends with some parting words of wisdom for fellow New Yorkers: “Maintain multiple hustles” and “If you bounce a check, bounce back.” That’s deep, bro.

Jim himself stars in the piece along with fellow comedian .

The short is just that: short, concise and funny. Be sure to follow Jim on Twitter @jimtews and keep an eye out for more episodes in this series!

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