Colin Quinn’s Love Letter To New York is His Best Show Yet

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Colin Quinn Comedy Special

At an age where his fellow comics are slowing down or treading water, Colin Quinn is getting stronger. Most of us would have thought Quinn’s career apex would have been his previous off-Broadway one-man show Unconstitutional. It was fantastic in every way. He’s surpassed it with The New York Story.

The New York Story is Quinn at his anti-PC best telling New York’s immigrant history with a nostalgic, but unsentimental eye. Quinn roasts and reveres the ethnic roots of New York’s past and describes the heart of what the new wave of immigration brought to New York City and ultimately America. Quinn uses historical facts mixed with his own personal history to explore the mosaic of New York’s rich ethnic diversity. The Irish, Jews, Germans, Italians, Blacks and Puerto Ricans are just the tip of the iceberg for groups that are skewered and honored with laser observations.

Quinn makes the case that every ethnic group brought new hilarious aggravations that were soon assimilated in all New York City life.

Here’s a tease of just a few of our favorite Colin Quinn New Yorkisms. Don’t stop here, and don’t be satisfied with seeing them in print. Immediately get on Netflix and watch The New York Story by Colin Quinn.


On why Catholic School Helped the Irish become Policemen…

“A good cop has the listening skills of a good Bartender and the unpredictable violence of a nun.”


The Jewish Immigrant…

“The Jews are the only group that wanted to be checked for tuberculosis at Ellis Island.”


Italians had no fear of violence but did fear new things…

When Frozen Yogurt showed up in the 70s, “Hey try this.” “What is that?’ (backing away) “Get that the fuck out…fucking Yogurt…sick bastard.”


The Confidence of Black Kids in school…

“Black guys would come to class 5 minutes late…like the Medicis checking on Michelangelo’s progress… Looking around like… No books, just a number two pencil in the Afro, heckling each other.”


Giving Directions using Ethnicity…

“Go down to the Puerto Rican building on the corner. “How do you know it’s the Puerto Rican building on the corner?'” “There are Puerto Ricans outside.” “What if they’re not outside?” “Don’t worry, they’re going to be outside.”


Haitian Kids in America…

Haitian kids were fearless because you could never hit them as hard as their father (did).


Interracial Dating…

“Jamaicans were the first blacks that it was socially acceptable for white girls to date.”



Albanians, I’m not going to say anything about Albanians and that tells you all you need to know.

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