Colin Quinn Has to Explain Joke on Twitter

For possibly the first time ever, - comedy super star and legend- had to tell his followers, “I was joking” and the reason? Too much love. ’s fans love him so much that when he tweeted earlier today that he needed money and would be setting up accounts to raise cash, a lot of fans took him seriously.

Last week on Valentine’s Day Colin tweeted that he had a heart attack. There haven’t been a lot of details but there have been some social media tweets indicating that Quinn was okay and recovering. But the lack of information has led a lot of people to be concerned, so when Quinn tweeted today that he needed money, some people took it seriously.

“Overwhelmed by all the love and support!!” Quinn tweeted. “Here’s where it gets uncomfortable,” he wrote and explained that he needed an influx of cash after his heart attack forced a few gigs to be canceled. “3 stents aren’t cheap” he added soon after, and asked fans to “cough it up and pay it forward.”

Some people got the joke, and others, didn’t, which is pretty standard for any Colin Quinn tweet, but with so many people offering cash, Quinn broke the fourth wall (or whatever you call the invisible line between backstage and on stage in social media) and just told people outright that he doesn’t need you to send him money.

But don’t think you can get away with doing nothing. On Monday, Quinn had tweeted that he was keeping track of who wished him well after he announced his heart attack, and guaranteeing that those who didn’t would regret it.  That one, you should take seriously.  #SendLoveNotCash #SaveColinQuinn.

The responses to Quinn’s request for money whether they were from friends who got the joke, or people who didn’t, were fantastic, and funny.  If you get a chance, read through them all.  A few favorites included this offer of assistance from Todd Barry.  Here’s a few to read over on both sides of the line.

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