Bumping Mics With Dave Attell and Jeff Ross at JFL

Sara Dahms is a comedy superfan who even goes so far as to call herself a comedy nerd. She travels all over the country checking out the best comedy everywhere, a confirmed comedy addict, and now she shares her travels with us. You can read her ongoing column right here on The Interrobang. Wednesday night she checked out the midnight show of Bumping Mics.

Long time friends and comedic giants, Jeff Ross and Dave Attell have joined forces and brought a show built on their unbelievable chemistry, individual strengths and mutual abilities to work a crowd like no else in the game to this year’s Just For Laughs comedy festival. The show is called, “Bumping Mics” and if you enjoy crowd work, roasting, sing-alongs, celebrity drop-ins, or stand up you will absolutely LOVE this show.

Bumping Mics” opened with the very funny comedian, James Davis who then brought up Judd Apatow as the featured performer!!! Apatow is gearing up to film his first ever Netflix special here at the festival, Thursday through Saturday, and it was an honor and pleasure to get to hear a portion of the material he is working on to warm up for these shows. If his set last night is any indication of how good his special will be, it is going to be hilarious!!!

After Judd finished up his act, he brought out the men of the hour, Dave Attell and Jeff Ross. Their ability to riff off of one another is both hilarious and impressive to say the least. The show is called “Bumping Mics” because whenever one of them would really hit a home run the other would acknowledge it by initiating a “mic bump”. It was kind of like a fist bump, but for comedians and needless to say there were plenty of them because the hits just kept coming. The guys also included the crowd in the show by bringing people on stage to be roasted and although Jeff Ross is the ultimate “RoastMaster General” Dave Attell definitely held his own. That is what is so great about this show, these guys bring out the best in one another and it just works.

Jeff’s ability to roast and work the stage combined with Dave’s unparalleled wit and ability to write jokes made this a show worth traveling all the way from Chicago to see. One can only hope that their showcase at this festival is only the beginning for this gem of a show! Don’t miss it!!!

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Sara Dahms

Sarah Dahms is a comedy superfan hails from Chicago and travels all over the country checking out the best comedy everywhere.