Bennington Family Moontower 2017 Austin Texas Photo Diary

Downtown Austin became downtown comedy camp for thousands of fans and comedians last week, and SiriusXM’s Bennington Show was right in the middle of it.  It was their first time at the Moontower Comedy Festival, so Gail made sure to keep a Bennington Family photo album. You know how fans spend their week at Moontower, now you can see how the funniest family in radio spends a week at Austin’s best comedy fest. Gail is joined by , Chris Stanley, Vito and Jenn of SiriusXM’s Bennington (airs weekdays Noon East on Raw Dog Ch. 99). Think of it as her personal Bennington family vacation photo album… that we’re forcing you to look at.

Wish you were here! Xo



Looks like Vito is coming to Austin after all!  Chris and Vito arrive at the airport with their fashion forward looks. Just worried these guys aren’t going to be comfortable enough on the flight….


Could we look any more happy to be going to Austin? At least I think that’s happiness on Chris’ face.

Vito dreams of barbecue on the flight. Pretty sure I heard him whisper “burnt ends”.

No room at the inn. Chris and Vito in a look of true defeat after finding out they did not have a hotel booked for the first night. Maybe there was a dress code.

Banished to La Quinta outside of town, but it looks like these twins are making the best of it. Party in room 207!

is the special guest on The Dudley and Bob with Matt Sideshow at the Cap City! Hilarious night and such a blast! Single or double patty burgers? You’ll have to listen to find out!  Listen here.

Keeping Austin weird with a ride in the Good Times van with Half Astronaut and the lovely Candice, or as we’ve been calling her, Better Half Astronaut. Pretty certain this is a deleted scene from Dazed and Confused.

Riding home in the Shaggin’ Wagon and closing out our first night in Austin with my partner in crime for the trip, Jenn. She’s long way away from the club scene!




The Bennington show hangs on S. Congress Street before Comedy 101! Another solid album cover. This is clearly during the band’s country rock phase.

Vito is settling in to the Texas lifestyle. Despite the fact that’s he’s a teddy bear at heart, he’s chosen to be a Black Hat… and by a Black Hat, I mean he rapes robots.

Jenn and I do some damage at Feathers Boutique in Austin. Bye money. We’ll miss you.

At Amy’s Ice Creams in Austin, Vito can’t help but try Tito’s “The Dude”, a White Russian inspired Tito’s Handmade Vodka ice cream. Not pictured: Vito’s tears of joy after this bite. Vito ❤ Tito.

Comedy 101 comes to the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, Texas! So much fun with our Austin comedians and our New York comedy mentors, Big , Dan Soder and Luis J. Gomez!




Started off day three in Austin with a one-on-one Gail Meets Girls episode with the hilarious Morgan Murphy! One of my most favorite moments of the trip. Luckily my sunglasses hide how short I am, otherwise I could have really embarrassed myself.

Comedy BBQ party at Cooper’s organized by Big Jay and Christine with some of our best buddies! Much like the polygamist motto: You really don’t know who your greatest friends are until you share meat with them.

Excuse me Miss, there’s seems to be a problem. I believe I ordered the big chop? HELLO!

Bennington family dinner!

After the food, Luis J. Gomez and Dave Smith get a bit punchy. Dan Soder sits back and enjoys the show like a king on his throne.

Outside the Velveeta Room, the crowd lines up for the VULCANO UNMASKED.

After a great Unmasked, we joined the rest of the rubes to see if we could witness the bats at the Congress Avenue Bridge. This is when I still had high hopes that this would be my superhero origin story.

Okay, so once it got dark, we could barely see any bats, but at least I snapped this beauty. Shout out to the dude bottom center who was a victim of my panoramic shot and somehow swapped his head on a child’s body. Enjoy the nightmares!

The girls split off from the boys for some Friday night shows at the Moontower comedy special. While the boys went off to guest on the Legion of Skanks show at The Velv (heard we missed an amazing one!), Jenn and I classed it up at The Paramount Theatre to see Ali Wong! We sat in an opera box for an absolutely perfect set by Ali! No pics during the show since we follow the rules.

Outside Austin’s 24 Diner with Big Jay and Christine! Somehow Chris’ hair flows into Vito’s facial hair to create a super beard. This is a common side effect of late diner trips.




Hi, How Are You?
Ron Bennington and Gail Bennington with Daniel Johnston’s “Jeremiah the Innocent”.

Introducing one of my favorite comics walking this Earth: Eddie Pepitone at the Velveeta Room for Unmasked with Ron Bennington.

EDDIE PEPITONE and Ron Bennington at the Velveeta Room in Austin, TX for Unmasked

What an amazing trip. We met incredible people, had a blast with our great friends, and Chris wore all his clothes and this is what was what left for the flight home. Thanks for everything, Austin. We’ll see you all again… in 1974.

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