The Bennington Family Just for Laughs Photo Diary 2017!!! (Updated)


Montreal is buzzing for the big Just For Laughs comedy festival and Bennington wouldn’t miss it for the world! Join me for updates and photos of my very first time at Just For Laughs as I hit all the shows, events, and hang with the funniest comedians on Earth. I’ll be joined by , Chris Stanley, and Vito of SiriusXM’s Bennington (airs weekdays noon east on Raw Dog Ch. 99). Think of it as my personal Bennington family vacation photo album… That I’m forcing you to look at. Wish you were here! Xo


Day One: Thursday July 27

At the airport, the Bennington kids are ready for another trip to Montreal for the Just For Laughs Comedy festival! This summer, Vito decides he’s tired of being the only one without sunglasses. Maybe next summer we’ll all being wearing his signature headband!?

Stress personified. The look of pure anger with a touch of “losing it” when Chris finds out duty-free will not be delivering his cigarettes in time for his flight.  Hello Darkness, my old friend.

Back in Montreal, one year later and pretty much the same awesome view of Rue Sainte Catherine. This hand gesture is the international sign for “I’m taking over your land”. I’m sure I picked it up in Brooklyn.

Finally, we’re reunited with the one and only , our intern Justin, and a very mysterious Don “Wicki” Wicklin. I guess if you have a jacket this cool, why would you bother turning around for photos!?

Recording an episode of Gail Meets Girls with the incredibly funny Kate Berlant! This is a photo series in two parts showing the effects of hanging out with her.

At the Variety’s Top Ten Comedians to Watch party, I achieve this photo by pushing to the front row and waving to Liza Treyger like an embarrassing mom at a school function. What!? Is it so wrong that I’m proud? Congrats to this year’s winners!

Feeling lost in emotion watching Lisa Lisa on stage at Russell Peters Old School Mixtape

Were you aware that Russell Peters, Jeff Ross, and Sal Vulcano are all down with OPP?? These guys are living the dream with Naughty by Nature.

The legendary Melle Mel at the Comedy Central party. Pro photo tip: When in doubt, always go with the “this guy” point.

No better way to end the night than hanging out with the insanely hilarious Tommy Johnagin. Oh, and I guess Chris was there too.

Day Two: Friday July 28 (scroll down for Day One)

Calm before the storm. Checking out the Mainline theater for tonight’s show: Comedy 101! Gives you goosebumps to think that in just a few hours to the future of comedy will hit the stage and be gently guided by our veteran stand ups. Wait… never mind, those are hives.

At corner St-Laurent and Napoléon. Ron Bennington, Gail Bennington, and Jackie Robinson. Three legends. Well actually, two legends. But the other one does have a preeeeetty cool Ian Fidance shirt.


Jim Carrey receiving The Generation Award at Just for Laughs! Unfortunately, I thought this was like Comic Con, so I was the only one dressed up like Ace Ventura.

Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry is always a must-see and he has us dying laughing. Also, shout out to this dude’s giant baseball cap in front of me.

Jenn meets wrestling legend, Virgil. Immediately after this was taken, he put her in a Million Dollar Dream. Sorry, Jenn. Everybody’s got a price.

The boys getting prettied up for Comedy 101 in Chris’ futuristic hotel bathroom. This is what it looks like when the mirror is smarter than the lifeforms looking into it.

Comedy 101 finally comes to the MainLine Theatre in Montreal! With our guests, , Dan Soder, Jimmy Shubert and Tommy Johnagin!

Our buddy Justin and his beautiful girlfriend, Liza, right after they’ve been crowned Prom King and Queen of JFL!

Jeffery Gurian works his networking skills with director Mike Bonfiglio at the Funny or Die Party. Comedy Matters, but so does your social game!

Day Three: Saturday July 29 (scroll down for Day Two)

Final full day in Montreal. Glad the boys saved their best outfits for last.

Catching those sweet Canadian rays! (This obviously resulted in Vito getting horrible headband tan line)

Can’t wait to share this amazing interview moderated by Ron Bennington with the cast of HBO’s .  Kimberly Hébert Gregory, David Gordon Green, Jody Hill, Walton Goggins, Ron Bennington, Danny McBride, Georgia King, Edi Patterson.

Hopefully Great Eggspectations accepts Chris’ job application. He already has the uniform.

Kicking off the last night with one of our favorite shows, The Goddamn Comedy Jam!  Photo credit: Ron Bennington

Rock God Big hits the stage for the Goddamn Comedy Jam and the Benningtons are feeling it!

It’s a grainy photo, but we all know Vito would be upset if we missed “Chocolate Favors”. Dammit, the kid has one simple wish and we couldn’t let him down.

Pretty soon we’re back in the New York Groove. See you again, Montreal. (In 1974) xo




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