Just For Laughs Social Pages! Volume 1 in Photos

Wednesday at Just for Laughs Montreal was a half day. After a long day of travel, there was just enough time to catch a very special edition of Big ’s What’s Your Fucking Deal?, and a quick lap around the Netflix Party before calling it a night. Much more to come tomorrow.

The streets of Montreal are lit up with giant lanterns and lights everywhere, and it’s quiet for now, because it’s Wednesday night, but when the weekend comes, the streets will be packed.

Hanging outside Big Jay’s WYFD, we found Michael Che, and Dan Soder.


The crowd at Wednesday night’s WYFD show got a gigantic surprise. Weekend Update anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost took the stage, worked the crowd and killed, with Impractical Jokers star Sal Vulcano working the audience mic like a pro.

Sal Vulcano gets the crowd involved.

Comedy 101!  Friday night at the MainLine!

Two comics a lot of people are talking about. Ramon Rivas who will be hosting Cleveland’s Accidental Comedy Fest in a few weeks, and one of the New Faces that everyone’s already buzzing about- Sam Jay at the Netflix Party Wednesday night.

Chris D’Elia hanging out with at the Netflix Party.

Annie Lederman giving some kind of sign. What does that mean? Is she hungry?

Free Grilled Cheese!? And potato chips. Everyone eats at Just for Laughs.

Much more to come all week!

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