America Takes a Beating From The Beaverton With Ali Siddiq, D.J. Mausner and Kyle Kinane at JFL42

The Beaverton, helmed by co-hosts Emma Hunter and Miguel Rivas, took over Second City on Sunday as part of the JFL42! You can hear the full hour on

I really didn’t know much about The Beaverton going into this show, other than seeing posts friends had put up on Facebook. Promising to be “North America’s Trusted Source of News”– It’s a satirical news show–think, The Onion – if it was just for Canada.

The show was even more fun than I expected. It’s no wonder they’re taking Canada by storm. The JFL42 was a live version of their popular podcast which averages over half a million visitors each month.

The show was panel style- and broadcast live as part of The Beaverton Weekly Report podcast. The show’s special guests Kyle Kinane, Ali Saddiq and D.J. Mausner kicked things off discussing visitors’ reactions to Toronto. First time T.O. visitor Ali has lots of questions- particularly about the male to female ratio, but conversation quickly turned to what the hell is going on in the States, and America took a beating throughout the hour. “We have an Orange President,” Siddiq said. “We have a President who is uninviting people who don’t even want to come to the White House.” That was the beginning of plenty of Trump talk, but it wasn’t all about the Donald. There was hockey talk, Kyle shared his BBQ dream, conversations about football and more. They all played off each other really well and this panel really allowed for smooth, funny conversation. Kyle and Ali took turns enlightening Toronto locals on the current state of affairs in America and they both had different, but agreeable views. Ali had some personal anecdotes about Hurricane Irma and how shitty America can be sometimes while simultaneously being awesome. They both agreed they would rather stay in Canada.

For those unfamiliar with The Beaverton, the show concludes with the Approximately Ten Minute Long Quiz round (that was funny as hell and D.J. Mausner was the funniest of the round; she clearly won.)

Later on Sunday, Kyle Kinane fans who left The Beaverton wanting more, had the chance get all the Kinane they wanted when he headlined the Royal Theatre. It was a packed house. Kyle took the stage by gloating about his starring role in Cheerleader Massacre 2 and transitioned pretty quickly into letting the Toronto audience know that it’s all End Times in America right now. The crowd adored his variety of Klan scenarios and hearing him vent about the stress of living in the States right now.

If you missed the chance to check out Kyle Kinane headlining, he’ll be at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Tuesday night. Tickets are still available.

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