Barry Crimmins Gets Some International Love From The Guardian


In late October, Barry Crimmins’ first hour special, called Whatever Threatens You, was released via Louis C.K.’s website. Since it dropped, the special has received high praise from fans and comics alike, and for good reason. Whatever Threatens You is poignant and hilarious, with Crimmins really hitting his stride (as he usually does) when he sinks his teeth into today’s political climate.

While Crimmins’ comedy is distinctly American (he did, after all, help to forge the American comedy scene 40+ years ago), it also manages to appeal to comedy fans across the pond. Last week, The Guardian’s Brian Logan posted  a glowing review of Whatever Threatens You, rightfully referring to Crimmins as “an American original” who has “honed his political skewering of the American dream to a fine art.” Logan, too, agrees that while Crimmins can entertain with a variety of material, his political musings are where he really shines. Crimmins is a satirist in every sense of the word.

Logan describes Crimmins as a “rediscovered legendary political comic,” which hits the nail on the head. While Crimmins is beloved and respected in the comedy world due to his contributions to the scene’s early days in Boston, he hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight. The comic has been writing and performing consistently over the last few decades, but has only really started to see his star rise in the past two years. He was the subject of Bobcat Goldthwait’s documentary Call Me Lucky last year, which helped project Crimmins back into the public eye, and has also began making increased appearances on podcasts like Race Wars. Crimmins is currently on tour with Race Wars host Kurt Metzger.

You can catch Barry Crimmins and Kurt Metzger performing on Wednesday, December 21st at Small’s Bar in Hamtramck, Michigan. Tickets are $20; more information below.

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