July 25, 2014

Out Of His League: The Women Of Adam Sandlers Movies

A few things have remained constant through Adam Sandler's career: His films make a ton of money, he plays the same guys in nearly every movie, and he casts really hot women to play his love interests. Some of his casting choices range from believable to as likely as pigs flying. We’ll rank them all out of ten on the ‘Delusional Dating Scale’.
June 26, 2014

Last Comic Standing Power Rankings: Who To Bet On

It's officially the start of the finals on Last Comic Standing and the field has been whittled down to ten. Here's how the finalist rank going into the next round as the show really kicks into high gear.
June 6, 2014

Hit The Lights: Stand Up Labs Dark Comedy Show

Thursday marked the second edition of Stand Up Labs Dark Comedy Show (or as it's known to blind people: The Comedy Show). The Dark Show takes your traditional comedy showcase and places it in a pitch black room, eliminating one of the key senses that you thought was vital to enjoying a stand-up show.
May 30, 2014

Last Comic Standing: Shelby Wright Picks Who to Watch (So Far)

The second week of Last Comic Standing is behind us and seven more people are moving on to the semi-finals. Here are my picks for the stand outs and who form last night to keep your eye on looking ahead to the next round