Anthony Cumia Declares War on SubReddit; Offers $5,000 to Anyone Who Can Shut It Down

Anthony Cumia has declared war on a subsection of Reddit, in a 20 hour twitter rant that started on Saturday.  He was fighting on Twitter throughout the day on Saturday- not an infrequent or unusual thing for Cumia who often gets into arguments on social media. The fight seemed to have started after some trolls were bothering a friend who has since locked their account.  But this fight got particularly heated around 3am when Cumia tweeted, “Fuck this. Here’s the deal. I will give $5k cash to anyone who can shut down Reddit’s r/opieandanthony.”

The “opieandanthony” subsection of Reddit was initially created as a fan site for the Opie and Anthony radio show, where listeners could post about the show. The Opie and Anthony Show ended in 2014 when Cumia was fired from SiriusXM for a Twitter rant gone wrong, but the reddit page continued on, communicating about the former hosts, the staff and the new shows that formed in the wake of Cumia’s firing. There was a time when Cumia was friendly with the site, even posting on it from time to time when he started his Compound Media podcast network, but the relationship quickly soured and became contentious, with the site frequently getting personal with Cumia, addressing friends, family members, guests on his show and more. Late Saturday night Cumia called the posters’ behavior slanderous, abusive and toxic, amounting to criminal harassment.

Cumia spent hours on Twitter responding to tweets and explaining that over the years since the Opie and Anthony radio show split, the most aggresive of the Reddit site’s members haven’t been content to limit their conversations to posts on the  Reddit page. Anthony alleged that posters to the subsection have harassed his friends and family both on and off the internet, “costing them money, time and peace of mind.” Calling the page a “rally point for harassment,” Cumia says his friends get harassed online and offline, referring to an ongoing battle between the Reddit members and his brother, Joseph Cumia. Joseph says he lost jobs and money because of the harassment and even appeared on an episode of the People’s Court dealing with fallout. Anthony Cumia’s tweets allege that it’s not just his brother- his friends and girlfriends have become targets as well.

Anthony said the last straw for him came this week, when his mother passed away after suffering from Alzheimer’s, and members of the Reddit site defaced his mother’s online memorial guest book by leaving fake comments, making jokes, and using fake names, upsetting grieving family members.  “If it was just on a page I wouldn’t care,” he wrote later in the night. “They’re affecting our lives outside of the internet. It’s a fucking game to them. I’m done.”

Cumia said he tried to ignore them as trolls, thinking they would eventually get bored but that the harassment continues to escalate for him and his family. “I’d have ignored it forever. Even fucking up my brothers job and accusations of crimes but when the laughed and fucked with my mothers death, I’m done. Yes, I want it shut down.”


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