Andy Kindler’s Alternative Show Kicks Off with the Rolling Stones (not really)

Photo via @jessehair on Twitter

Andy Kindler kicked off his Alternative Show on Wednesday night the same way he started the show last year– with a dance. Only this time it was to the Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction and that kicked off a show that is always a JFL42 festival favorite.

Kindler came out joking that he feels like people start celebrating Rosh Hashanah way too early every year, and then after spotting Todd Barry in the crowd, busted his chops for a bit. The show took place at Toronto’s famed Second City Theater, and Andy made sure to cover that by joking that he was getting his own Second City show call “YES! ANDY!” before musing about whether it’s true that agreement is always funny.

Kindler always puts together a great midnight show and this one was no exception. He had a killer lineup, with great sets all around, and a lot of busting on local culture. Jack Whitehall took the stage and seemed to have even more energy than at his solo show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre earlier that night. And believe me, he came out swinging there too with a killer hour that touched on the differences between British and American drinking, getting caught smoking weed by Google Maps, and stories about bombing at a Royal show, meeting Elton John and Prince Harry, and a lifelong feud with Robert Pattinson. But at the midnight show, he hit the crowd a lot harder and busted out one of my favorite stories of his, about the time he got kicked out of a Muslim wedding for playing a challenging round of “Would you rather?” with a 13-year-old.

Rory Scovel followed Whitehall, and he came out roasting Toronto for the worst traffic he’s ever experienced and mocking the city for its thousands of condos. Beth Stelling also went local, high-fiving an audience member after admitting that Tim Hortons lives up to the hype and talked about performing at festivals. Hari Kondabolu also teased the audience, talked about Trump, and shared a story about getting heckled by Tracy Morgan. Canada’s own Sophie Buddle started a rumor that she and Andy Kindler are dating, and then had a lot to say about fats, sexual fantasies and gagging during oral sex- if you haven’t seen Buddle, by the way- you need to.

The show closed with the great Judah Friedlander who continually proves why he is, in fact, the World Champion. Among other things, Judah has figured out the difference between the U.S. and Canada, and it all came down to an experience he had in a Toronto burrito shop that wouldn’t sell him a just cheese and bean burrito. He said that they needed to put a bare minimum requirement of stuff in the burrito. He observed that a burrito shop in the States would happily save 25 cents on fillings. This had me giggling all the way home.

The Alternative Show with Andy Kindler is running every night this week at JFL42 and you can still catch two more shows- tonight and Saturday night. Go to for tickets.

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