Adam Pally Is One Fat Batman on Conan

Adam Pally who likes to appear on Conan in costume, didn’t disappoint on Monday night. Pally joined Conan, Andy Richter and guest Jeff Garlin on the couch as the over-inflated caped crusader Fat Batman or maybe it’s just Fatman. Slowly over the years, Adam’s Conan costume tradition has produced more and more elaborate outfits, but as Conan O’Brien put it last night, “You’ve outdone yourself, this is absolutely incredible.”

While Conan did try to conduct some sort of interview with Adam, the attention naturally was drawn back to him being stuck inside this extra-large superhero getup. At one point, Conan wondered if Adam wasn’t “slowly dying” inside of it. Andy Richter eventually came to the realization that this is one way that Bruce Wayne would deal with his parents’ murder, by compulsively eating. The conversation was peppered with questions about Adam Pally recently moving back to NYC, but that just led to more questions about his Batman fat-suit.

You can watch all this in the clips below which include a shot Fat Batman took at Jeff Garlin after Jeff announced that he and Adam were doing a film together this Summer and a remark that is sure to make Jonah Hill cry. Even Conan realized that probably went too far for Jonah’s feelings, saying he was leaving that one to Batman to deal with.

Adam Pally stars in all new episodes of Making History, Sundays at 8:30pm on FOX.

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