Absurdist Comedy Done Right with Conner O’Malley

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Alt comedy is hard to define, but Conner O’Malley confirms that it’s still batshit insane. Conner is an actor/comedian, famous for his work on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Joe Pera Talks with You, and his many videos online. To describe him as an absurdist performance artist would also be fair. Conner first gained online fame via the now-defunct Vine, where he used the platform’s six-second limit to scream at rich men in cars. Put in some headphones; this is NSFW. Join us on a journey through some of his finest art:


Sadly, Vine is gone, but a YouTuber uploaded a compilation of Conner’s videos where he mostly begs rich men in cars to follow Christ and give him a hundred dollars. Scream comedy at its best.


Minions have taken over kids media, so of course Conner loves them. One of his repeated man-on-the-street bits involves preaching for The Minion Squad. Watch him do so on the BQE Highway. In traffic. On foot. (Sponsored by Chase Bank).

WRIGLEYVILLE CUBS PLAYBOYS (feat. Carmen Christopher)

The drinking culture of Wrigleyville inspired O’Malley to make this video with comedian Carmen Christopher. They satirize Chicago bros who hate to feel, and need to drink!

HOW TO MAKE IT IN USA (ft. Joe Pera)

Joe Pera’s soft-spoken, off-kilter comedy is perfectly matched with O’Malley’s high energy in their webseries How To Make It In USA. A fictionalized comedian Joe Pera seeks assistance from Max Gold, a certified insane talent manager played by Conner O’Malley.

SHREK FOREVER AFTER (Late Night with Seth Meyers)

Yes, Conner O’Malley wrote for Seth Meyers. And yes, he dressed up as Shrek and heckled Meyers from the audience.


TruthHunters.com is Conner’s full length pilot that spoofs InfoWars. In it, he goes to DC and has a real-life run in with Alex Jones (his character’s hero).


First there was Late River with River Guy, Conner’s talk show in a river. And then, there was Lake Talk Show With Lake Guy. You guessed it: it’s the only talk show in a Lake. And it’s NSFW of course.


The latest O’Malley masterpiece is so disturbing that YouTube placed a content warning to all viewers. He posted a series of Twitter videos in a construction site where he begs Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, to run for president because “only the coffee man can stop the covfefe guy”. Is this comedy? Is this horror? It’s definitely art.

https://youtu.be/iCGIng0yneE?t=50 :50 – 1:29

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