2017’s Funniest Viral Videos Countdown (Plus Trump!)

As the years pass, it seems like there is less art in the world, but you’ll never have a year where you can’t find a few dozen killer viral videos. Dad stepping on a rake, big women fighting in late night breakfast establishments, and near nudity will always bring clicks to the site and joy to the hearts and minds of our readers. This year once again but was a great year for viral videos. Luckily for you, the Interrobang has a great memory and has distilled an entire year of viral weirdness into 15 videos that are the best of the best. This is the perfect way to recover from your day-before-New-Year’s-Eve hangover. Enjoy and vote for your favorite. It’s true that there are no winners when it comes to YouTube, Live Leak and World Star, but vote anyway.


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#15 Dancing Gorilla In Hot Tub

Back in June, Zola the Gorilla won over the love of boys and girls worldwide when she turned her kiddie pool into a party at the Dallas Zoo. She’s a maniac, maniac – in the pool!


#14 Jaden Smith Blows Minds for Vanity Fair

It was March when Jaden Smith made this video for Vanity Fair. Now if only Jaden could figure out how his father could have another hit again, that’s what would really blow everyone’s mind.


#13 – Bros Escape Wildfire

When these bros made a heroic run through the California wildfires we thought we had seen the worst California had to offer. Until the first week in December made this shot look tame. But this is better than any action movie in the last decade.


#12 Chair Fight at Bronx Seafood Restaurant

The chairs were flying at the Seafood City restaurant on City Island in the Bronx. The management should immediately turn this into a positive and use the video to show just how easy it is to get a seat at Seafood City.

#11 This Kid Might as Well Move out of his Neighborhood and Never Come Back

No way anyone could live this down, let alone this poor bastard.

#10 Tie Tan Ick- Philly Accent overdub.

A timeless love story….on a boot…in the wudder.

#9 Family Freaks Out Over Stuck Elevator

They may act like assholes, but goddamn it, they do stick together.

“let me out of this fawkin’ thing!”

#8 WAWA Hoagies song

Aaron Out’s love letter to Wawa is the real deal. You don’t see those shitty 7-Eleven microwave burgers or Duane Reade’s cold-cut sandwiches getting respect like this.

#7 Sarah Jessica Parkers Dramatic Reaction to the Eclipse

This was either SJP having an emotional moment during the solar eclipse or it was her acceptance speech if the Sex and the City movie had somehow won an Oscar. It works for either one.

#6 Eight Minutes of MSNBC Anchor Losing His Shit Between Takes

Seriously, who’s fucking hammering?

#5 Wendy Williams Passes Out on Live TV

During her Halloween show this year, Wendy Williams passed out on live television while dressed as the Statue of Liberty. Williams was okay. She says she overheated in her costume. It was a frightening moment, but there is good news– two special cameras got great footage of her nails and her shoes when she went down.

#4 CNN Picks Wrong Evacuee to Interview in Houston

A woman who just arrived at a flood victim shelter in Houston with her kids needs food, dry clothes and a place for her kids to sleep. What doesn’t she need!? Oh yeah, CNN’s microphone in her face! (NSFW Language)

#3 Cops Break Up Ihop fight Real Quick

Number three on our list but number one in our hearts for the best insane fight at a late night place where you can get breakfast. And that’s saying a lot.

#2 Concert Girl Freaks Out Watching Outdoor Festival Ass Eating Party

Sometimes at an outdoor concert, you get hungry and there ain’t nothing to eat but ass.

Ironically, the band on stage was eating shit.

#1 Girls Butt Chug Mountain Dew

And that son, is how I ended up up falling madly in love with your mother.




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